Turn The Page

Issue #78

Makes sense, right?

“When it comes to new technologies, not everybody is equally enthusiastic”, says professor and innovator expert Deborah Nas. We sat down with her and discussed how to make innovations stick. 

Issue #78

Make It Stick

You know that bittersweet feeling at the end of a trip? I always feel sad to leave behind the place where I just made so many nice memories. There was still so much left to do and see, I could have easily enjoyed myself for another week. On the other hand, there is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home and getting to sleep in my own bed again.  What has me feeling... Read on

Issue #77


Imagine an empty room, except for Steve and his backpack. This backpack contains all his valuable possessions. He is at peace here. Steve is a minimalist. He is the extreme metaphor. But seriously now, what is a minimalist?   

Issue #77


So, apparently, unicorns do not exist. Boom! My childhood dream of ever owning an animal with rainbow manes smashed to pieces. Fortunately, I can always count on my fellow Turn The Page editors to cheer me up with random facts. In this case: unicorns did exist, approximately thirty thousand years ago. However, their appearance slightly... Read on

Issue #76


When I was fourteen, my brother and I gave my mother a blender for Mother’s Day. I am not sure if it was ever used much –fortunately, my sense for the right present has evolved over the years. However, one of the things my mother loved to make, especially on tropical summer days, was milkshakes.... Read on

Issue #76

The Art of Exhibition

It is May 24th, 2016 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Two teenagers are about to pull the prank of their lives. They sneakily leave a pair of glasses on the floor of an exhibition hall. The result is just as they had hoped: people flock around it, taking pictures of the pair of glasses, assuming it is part of the exhibition. It is interesting how anything can become art in a museum. No one would have looked twice at... Read on

Issue #75

“Hello, am I speaking to the past?”

Quick, we are playing Charades! Act out that you are making a phone call. What gesture did you make with your hand? Did you hold your pink to your mouth and your thumb to your ear, as an old time phone horn? Or did you hold your hand flat against your ear, as a smartphone?... Read on

Issue #75


We have all been asked what our most significant achievement is. Often my answer would be something related to reaching a specific goal. However, when reflecting on that question, for this 75th-anniversary edition of Turn The Page themed Milestone, I wondered what accomplishment or realization influenced my life the most. Could it be a period... Read on

Issue #74


What actually drives human beings to learn? I think it comes from curiosity and astonishment, and that we should have an open mindset to be able to keep learning. By wanting to know and learn more about a certain topic, we can take a different viewpoint towards other aspects, motivating ourselves to learn more about... Read on

Issue #74

What You Don’t Know About Typography

The way these words are printed on paper will most likely be taken for granted by many readers. Even the people writing the words, letters and sentences, will often apply countless rules and principles without even being aware of it. But when you have to take into account the distance between the letters, lines and... Read on

Issue #73


We don’t have to be old and experienced to produce good ideas. Young designers can be surprisingly successful for their age.

Issue #72


Steamed artichokes can make water taste sweeter. Huh?

Issue #72

The Wonderful World of Prop Design

And… Action! It’s midnight. In the far distance, the skyline of New York shimmers, a city the ghostbusters have to defend.

Issue #69


This edition is a special one, it is the faculty’s 50th birthday.

Issue #70


For us designers being recalcitrant is not at all a negative quality to have.

Issue #68


There is much more to being disconnected than putting your phone in flight mode.

Issue #67


At Industrial Design Engineering we know perfectly well how to make choices. It is the core of every design project. You are constantly confronted with making choices.

Issue #66


We distinguish ourselves by sharing our own anticipation of the future. Where would we be if we had kept our personal opinions and points of view only to ourselves? Rules are made to be broken.

Issue #65


Where there is smoke there is salmon. We present our 13th Lustrum edition of the Turn The Page: number 65. The issue’s topics will be that of contrasting manners in multiple fields of Industrial Design.

Issue #63


Humans are creatures of habit. In this, we need a certain rhythm to be able to handle the intensely complicated behaviors we exhibit to achieve our needs. Rhythm is one of the core concepts of our existence and is directly related to our emotional state.

Issue #62


Simplicity: it seems to be a trendy buzzword in the design world. Interior, graphic and product design have become increasingly minimal (especially aesthetically) over the past decade. For some, simplicity has even become a lifestyle: buy less, eat simpler foods (for example with less chemical ingredients) and reduce clutter and distractions. But what is simplicity?... Read on

Cover Turn The Page 61
Issue #61


This Turn The Page is one of illusion and deception, but also one of surprise and wonder! We would like to encourage you to read the different points of view in this edition and make up your own mind about how much of the truth designers should tell.

Issue #60

Journey on Time

Turn The Page 60 reminisces important anniversaries in design as well as upcoming milestones set in the (near) future.

Issue #59

On the Edge

In this issue of Turn The Page you can read about products balancing on the edge of succeeding and failing.

Issue #58

Design across cultures

Turn The Page 58, themed design across cultures, includes an interview with Marcel Wanders and a cover story about the homogeneous world we are heading towards.

Issue #57

A Digital Future

Dive into the digital future lying ahead, with a cover story about AI, an interview with Richard Hutten and an article on how this generation is shaping the way companies do business.

Issue #56

Art and Design

Is design part of art or engineering? Should I know all about fluid mechanics or learn to draw better? This time in Turn The Page we explore the discussion on what design is.

Issue #55


Read about kickstarting anything: stories about the start of well known designers, one of Fabrique’s co-founders and a 3D-printed bike.

Issue #54

Design for the third world

Read about how designers can design for the third world, an interview with Studio Daan Roosengaarde and a feature about ingredients for success.