Study association i.d is one of Delft's largest and most active study associations. Study association i.d is unique in its kind and creative in its thinking. Since 1973, the study association has become an active association with more than 2500 members and 27 committees. About 175 members are active in committees. In addition, i.d has a board of eight enthusiastic students who keep the study association running for a year.

Our main purpose is to defend the interests of the Industrial Design Engineering student. Study association i.d does this by offering opportunities to the students that they do not receive in the regular educational program. This includes strengthening contact between students and staff of IDE and strengthening contacts with other faculties and other courses. Students in Industrial Design Engineering will also be given the opportunity to gain knowledge about the field of study and business.

In addition, Study association i.d is very active in education. i.d-Education is committed to signalling the complaints of the students and strives to solve these problems. i.d-Education represents all students of IDE in various educational institutions and has a say in making decisions about education.

Study association i.d also gives students the opportunity to organize all kinds of activities in addition to their studies. These activities aim to add value to the education and the field of study. These inspiring activities are not only very fun to join, organizing them in committees is also very educational and “gezellig”!

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The current board

Board 45

During academic year 2017-2018 Study association i.d will be managed by Board 45, consisting of (from left to right):

Bart Stegewerns Chairman
Laura van Overhagen Secretary
Thomas Nieuwendijk Treasurer
Avelien Husen Commissioner of Education Bachelor
Eva Oosterlaken Commissioner of Education Master
Lodewijk Rauwenhoff Commissioner of External Affairs
Koen Emous Commissioner of Events
Fay de Grefte Commissioner of Publicity

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Some of our committees

Flight Case

Flight Case is a three-week trip for master students, where they solve cases at companies outside of Europe.


The FSR, OKIO and OD work together to collect feedback and improve education.


A ski and snowboard trip with around 60 members of the study association.

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Our master communities

Our distinguished members

ID thanks industrial designers with important contributions to the professional domain and the study association by making them Honorary Members. People who are not neccessarily active as industrial designers but did—or sometimes still do—contribute a lot to the study association, become Members of Merit.