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Colouring contest

Committees, Turn The Page | September 21, 2020

It might seem a bit silly to pick out the best colouring page. If it was up to us, everyone that got out their favourite pencils and markers deserves a price. However, we were charmed by Nathan’s Papa Smurf lookalike and the intricate craftwork of Liza’s art. These two professional colourers will receive M&M’s and… Read on

Humans of IDE

Committees, ReportID | July 3, 2020

Problem solver, analytical and functional designer Samuel Kernan Freire is chosen as winner of this year’s Bluedot competition. The master student has a dual nationality of Irish and Portugese but moved to The Netherlands a few years before he started at the university in Delft. Here, he first did the bachelor Aerospace Engineering, but this… Read on

A more inclusive design field

July 1, 2020

During the more visible days of the Black Lives Matter movement a few weeks ago, you may have noticed something in our social media posts: silence. This was not because we do not agree with the movement’s goals and ideals, but because we weren’t sure what to add to the conversation. We were also asking… Read on

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