77 | Motion

June 28, 2021

So, apparently, unicorns do not exist. Boom! My childhood dream of ever owning an animal with rainbow manes smashed to pieces. Fortunately, I can always count on my fellow Turn The Page editors to cheer me up with random facts. 

In this case: unicorns did exist, approximately thirty thousand years ago. However, their appearance slightly differed from what we might imagine.

Some internet cruising provided me with more information: these so-called Siberian unicorns did not have a cute horse figure, but more of a thick pelt and a two-meter-tall frame. Whether they were friends with the humans roaming the world at that time, we may never know. Yet, like all cute bears they might just have had a little bit of rainbow under their thick layer of fur. The more you know…

Enough about unicorns, let us focus on this edition of Turn The Page, themed Movement. Everything around us is constantly in motion: either fast, like your eyes reading these words, or slow, like societal change. Tangible or not, fast or not, things move. We tried to capture this motion in this edition, not only the physical one, but also the sociological and psychological movement of people and their points of view. The result is a Turn The Page filled with stories about people’s personal ambitions, cultural progress and a tad of nostalgia. Maybe, these stories will inspire you to reflect on the buzz around you and find your own motion as you go.

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