Confidential Advisor

Support for unwanted behaviour

If you are dealing with unwanted behavior or unequal treatment within your study, you can contact the confidential advisor. For instance, situations regarding (sexual) intimidation, bullying, discrimination, stalking and violence.

Complaints in case of unwanted behavior

It may be that you really want to file a complaint about undesirable behavior, such as bullying or sexual harassment. There is a separate regulation for this (Complaints Procedure for Undesirable Behavior, Appendix 6). If you are bothered by undesirable behavior from others, you can ask for help, shelter and advice from a confidential advisor. The confidential advisor can also assist the student in submitting a written complaint to the Executive Board, which has set up a Complaints Committee to deal with it. The committee investigates whether or not the complaint will be processed. Next, the committee considers whether an amicable settlement is possible. If not, the committee will hear the student and the person against whom the complaint is directed. The committee advises the Executive Board on the measures to be taken.

Our external confidential advisor Sandra van der Hor can be reached as follows:
By phone on 06-21170603 or by email: s.vanderhor@tudelft.nl