Confidential Mentors

If you are dealing with unwanted behaviour or unequal treatment within your study or near the faculty, you can contact the confidential mentors Lianne and Willem or the external Confidential advisor of Delft University of Technology, Carin. For instance, situations regarding (sexual) intimidation, bullying, discrimination, stalking and violence.

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Portrait photo of Lianne Pinkse

Lianne Pinkse

Confidential Mentor

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Willem Borsboom

Confidential Mentor


Complaints in case of unwanted behaviour

When you want to file an official complaint about undesirable behavior such as bullying or sexual harassment, see the Student Charter, annex 6. In case of undesirable behaviour you can request advice and help from a confidential advisor. This advisor can also assist you in submitting a written complaint to the Executive Board, which has established a Complaints Committee for this. The committee investigates whether or not the complaint is being dealt with. It then examines whether a settlement is possible on which both parties can agree. If not, the committee hears the student and the person against whom the complaint is directed. The committee advises the Executive Board on the measures to be taken.

External Confidential Advisor

As an external and certified confidential advisor, I offer that listening ear and together we find out whether the reporter can or would like to do something about it, and if so, “what”.
Respect, care and integrity are personal values for me, and people characterize me as accessible, reliable and professional.

If you have to deal with undesirable behavior, such as bullying, aggression, (sexual) intimidation, stalking, discrimination, you can contact me. Contact is always without obligation, confidential and anonymity is guaranteed.

Carin van der Hor

Even voorstellen: Carin van der Hor, vertrouwenspersoon voor ...

TU Delft Confidential Advisors

The team of confidential advisors is available to all TU Delft staff, students external doctoral candidates and guests. The team consists of six internal confidential advisors. they cover a range of topics such as academic integrity and social and organisational integrity. want more information? or want to read their personal bios?  go to: https://www.tudelft.nl/en/about-tu-delft/strategy/integrity-policy/confidential-advisors/the-team

Confidential advisors social and organisational integrity

Giorgia Giardina

Ada van Gulik

Christiaan Mooiman

Confidential Advisors academic integrity

Bernard Dam

  • phone number: +31 15 27894342
  • e-mail: B.Dam@tudelft.nl
  • languages: Dutch, English and German

Jenny Dankelman

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