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On this page you can read about what IDE can bring you later in your life. For students there are a couple of ‘articles’ this study could lead to, like: Delft Design Stories, a virtual exposition, IO Alumni TV and Out of the Blue.

You can also read about IDE’s history and find a graduation agenda. For alumni or graduates you can find on this page how you could join the alumni committee and what they have to offer.

Where does IDE bring you?


As Delft designers, you are able to bring together knowledge and expertise to design solutions for challenges we face as society. From a necessary sustainable economy to mobile and healthy people. You connect logical thinking and analysis to empathy and emotions. You visualise and make tangible possible futures. Never underestimate the power of asking questions. After graduating, Delft designers make that future happen. Our alumni work as service- or systems designers, have an impact as manager of design & innovation departments in large companies such as Phillips, KLM and ASML, or start their own businesses.

Examples of designs we are proud of:

Thanks to Ena Voûte and Marc de Kool


Out of the Blue

History of IDE

Two students. That is the beginning of industrial design. Two students. In the past 50 years our faculty has grown from a couple of lectures and two students to an international teaching and research institution with more than 7000 alumni, 2500 students and a large building at the heart of the TU Delft campus.

After a lot of objections by e.g. the faculty of Mechanical Design and the faculty of Architecture and after his appointment as an endowed professor in 1962, Joost van der Grinten worked on the development of a degree program within the Architecture faculty called Technical and Industrial Design.

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The program steered clear of debates on modern architecture and were in keeping with the analytical approach taken by technical engineers, with their knowledge of production techniques and qualities relating to product use.Van der Grinten found design staff for the program consisting of Emile Truijen, who helped develop design teaching methods, Wim Crouwel, who was a renowned graphical designer and created an analytical approach to design and Bernd Schierbeek, who had a mechanical engineering background and was the first full-time industrial design professor.

Then finally, on February 7th 1969, the TU Delft (the Institute of Technology back then) received ministral approval for this new degree programme in Industrial Design.

Though started with a focus on product manufacturing and use, which led to the appointment of Hans Dirken as ergonomics teacher and Henri Baudet as teacher of the social and economic aspects of product use, the early years of Industrial Design were marked by ideological struggles about what should be taught.

Thus in 1978, Industrial Design was spilt definitively into four divisions: Technology, Product Ergonomics, Design and Business Administration. During the following years, the attempt of van der Grinten to catch-up to the rest of the world concerning design had changed into a head start that interested multiple foreign institutes.

In 2004, the faculty moved to the building where it is now. The curriculum was changed so that it now had a bachelors programme and three new masters programmes that focussed on interaction, technology and business which still exist to this date.


Full IDE History

Alumni TV

IDE Alumni stories

Delft Design Stories

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Graduation Agenda

Are you curious about what a graduation could look like? Our dear faculty keeps track of graduating students. Through the link below you can find out who is graduating when, on what subject. You could ask the graduating students some questions on Linkedin or try to join their presentation.

Graduation agenda

Alumni community

When you graduate you officially become a alumnus. This grants you the priviledge to join the IO alumni linkedin, which is a collaboration between ID and the faculty. On this page you can post things like job requests or vacancies. Furthermore you can read interesting posts from us, the faculty and other alumni, like photos from the most recent event.

A few times a year the faculty organizes drinks like the one from the jubilee event above. As alumnus you can join!

For questions or requests contact:

general e-mail: Alumni-io@tudelft.nl

Alumni Linkedin group (private)