Partner companies

Hike One

Digital Design Agency

We are Hike One, a leading digital design agency in The Netherlands. A playful and talented team consisting of over 50 design specialists. Constantly figuring out how to do things better. And faster, cooler, and easier.

When we team up, you get digital products that people love to use.

Hike One’s website

Pezy Group

Design & Engineering agency

Pezy Group is a leading design- and engineering agency that develops innovative products.

With more than 25 years of experience, we develop products for multinationals, enterprises and scale-ups in a better, more efficient and smarter way. Pezy Group helps organizations to develop products more effectively, with a focus on realization and the right experience.

Pezy Group’s website


Service & UX Design Agency

At Koos, we use design to improve people’s lives and transform the way teams work.

We strive for a world made better by design and create a positive impact by combining the power of Service Design, UX Design en Customer-Centric transformation.

Koos’s website

Design8 bv

3D Design Software

Design8 bv sells and supports 3D Conceptual Design and Visualization Software for more than 15 years. Our focus is to get that idea inside your head, into 3D for you to optimize, evaluate and present to your customers. Take your 3D model to a higher level with our photorealistic render software. Our software is affordable and easy to use.

Design8 bv’s website

Soda studio

Strategisch productontwerpbureau

Bij Soda Studio maken we de beste digitale producten die we kunnen bedenken. Dit doen we door goed te kijken naar de mens én de business van onze klanten. We kijken eerst naar het grote plaatje, voordat we de details uit werken, en vervolgens testen we met eindgebruikers. We werken voor bijvoorbeeld Albert Heijn, VanMoof en Bol.com.

Soda studio’s website

npk design

Multidisciplinary design agency

At npk we are able to assist our clients throughout the entire innovation process: from strategic advice, integrated design solutions, engineering and prototyping, to supply management. We have worked with companies and people from all over the world and love to create innovations for both multinationals and clever startup companies.

npk design’s website


Boiling water tap design

At Quooker we work every day on our dream to make the boiling water tap a worldwide kitchen essential. We do this by constantly improving the current product portfolio and by developing new innovative products.

We have a long term partnership with ID in various ways like the IDE Business Fair, Cases on Tour, Company visits and a sponsored Quooker in ID Kafee.

Quooker’s website

SUPAIR banen voor ingenieurs

advies | begeleiding | bemiddeling

SUPAIR is voortgekomen uit een initiatief van TU Delft. Sinds 1995 bemiddelen wij ingenieurs bij werkgevers met raakvlakken in de techniek.

Wij vinden het belangrijk jou goed te leren kennen. Schrijf je bij ons in en je krijgt een uitvoerig intakegesprek waarin wij je kennis, karakter en ervaring bespreken.

Zo vinden wij een baan die écht bij je past.

SUPAIR banen voor ingenieurs’s website


Independent insurance company

At DSW we prefer to create our own software. The corporate website, our mobile app, all communications: our own people designed, developed and tested each and everyone of these.

This offers IDE students lots of opportunities and challenges when working at DSW. An animation to explain the premium calculation? Testing the new user interface for our mobile app? Our designers would consider it a piece of cake!

DSW’s website

The Talent Institute

Talent Development Program

We run top-notch talent development programs for the next generation of young professionals focused on innovation and digital growth.

We build digital leaders and innovators and connect them to the market leading and fast growing companies.

The Talent Institute’s website


Design consultancy

Edenspiekermann is an independent design consultancy with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Los Angeles and Singapore. Our expert teams of 95 designers, developers and strategists bring design-driven growth to the market leaders of today and tomorrow. We strategically use design to assist organizations to solve communication problems.

Edenspiekermann_’s website


Global mobility engineering expert

EDAG Netherlands is part of the EDAG Group: the largest global independent engineering service provider in the automotive sector. We are an established name for both big and small projects as technical partner of the most renowned vehicle manufacturers. Our core competences are focused towards styling, surfacing, mechanical design, sustainability, simulation and project management. Over 10% of our employees are ID graduates. Are you next?

EDAG’s website

Livework studio

Human centered design

We’re fascinated by the world around us We love the satisfaction of solving complex challenges for our clients. We love learning from the people we work with and understanding how the world is connected. That’s why services are perfect for us. They’re as complex, unique, and interesting as the people who use and deliver them

Livework studio’s website


Innovative wallets made in Holland

Since the start of our Secrid journey 20 years ago, industrial design and fashion have come together in our pocket-sized essentials.

Made in Holland with great care for quality, people and the environment.

Secrid’s website

Public cinema

Visual design agency

Public Cinema is hét creatieve bureau voor maatschappelijke impact. Met ons 20-koppige team opereren we op het snijvlak van communicatie, consultancy, design en visualisatie. Dat doen we voor >100 organisaties in de publieke sector.

Al 11 studenten van IO liepen stage bij ons. Kom jij ook stage lopen?

Public cinema’s website

Gemeente Den Haag

Human centered design

Do you desire working on large societal issues? Such as how do you keep the city clean? How can we innovate the controversial New Year’s Eve bonfire tradition? Team iD (innovatie en Dienstverlening) is a center of excellence regarding Service Design, Design Thinking and User Experience which aims to improve the lives of the Hague’s citizens.

Gemeente Den Haag’s website

GroenLeven zonne-energie

Market leader solar energy in the Netherlands

Together with governments, network operators, companies, education and innovative
entrepreneurs GroenLeven creates solar energy on rooftops, greenhouses, parking lots, landfill,
industrial areas and water.
ID collaborates with GroenLeven since 2019, regarding several case studies and the IDE Business Fair.

GroenLeven zonne-energie’s website

CLS Healthcare

E-commerce targeting intimacy and sexual health

The goal of CLS Healthcare is to contribute to the health and mental well-being of consumers with products and services. They focus on products and services in areas involving intimacy and sexual health. ID collaborates with CLS since 2015, regarding IO Festival and more recently the IDE Business Fair.

CLS Healthcare’s website

ID study association

Study association connected to IDE Faculty

You are now on the brand new partner page of our website. Here we will shortly present trusfull companies that collaborate with ID study association.
click on the link below to learn more.

ID study association’s website