Collaborate with ID

It is important to us that our members are provided with the chance to acquire knowledge with their future working area and businesses. Furthermore, we love to show companies the value of young industrial designers. In the past we established many effective collaborations between companies and students. Through ID you, as a company, can reach students widely, directly and interactively. We are able to facilitate the first step heading for internships, graduation projects, jobs and much more!

What is IDE?


“Design for our future” – at Industrial Design Engineering we learn the full process of designing products and services. In this study we make use of three perspectives: people, technology and organisation. Those are the foundation of all our projects. Here, we support ourselves with tools and methods like the Delft Innovation Method and the Delft Design Guide. A student will become a Delft designer by learning 5 unique competences. These competencies are the magic of design. You are not able to buy these or read them in books, they are just the result of a lot of practise. These competences make us able to combine the three perspectives and elaborate on them. As icing on the cake we can project these competences on different time-periods: rehearsing futures.

The educational program contains a three year bachelor program, after which students can continue two more years in one of the three master programs. You can find more specific info on the bachelor and master courses on the website of the TU Delft.

IDE TU Delft website

What is ID?

ID is the study association of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Since 1973, now with over 2500 members and 25 committees, ID has become one of Delft’s largest and most active study associations.

The goal of ID is best described by our five pillars: Career, Education, Travel, Social and Skills. Through these pillars we strive to be an addition to the study lives of our students by connecting them with the faculty, companies and each other. Being a member of ID allows students not only to develop socially and professionally but to learn from-, gain experience through- and collaborate in very different activities as well.

We find it important that we connect students to their future field of expertise and to different companies. By doing that, we can emphasize the importance of design and show these companies what design can do.

In the past we have created many fruitful collaborations between students and companies. As ID we can connect you directly to a wide variety of enthusiastic students in order to interest them for internships, graduation projects, jobs and much more!

Three collaboration levels

These three levels describe the directions ID can be of value for companies. Within these directions we can be very flexible. Think about a publication in our magazine TTP for level 1, participating in the IDE Business Fair for level 2 and presenting a case in Cases on Tour for level 3. But those are just examples. Curious about our options for your company or how creative we can get considering collaboration? Find out how to contact us at the bottom of this page.

For the biggest impact it is wise to be visible, as a company, on all three levels. Together with a company we can create a tailored collaboration based on the needs of that company, the perfect timing for students and our current resources. This way we try to forge sustainable relationships, reach out to the partner company page to find our with whom we collaborate often.

Target Groups

ID has over 2500 members and 22 committees. We are in close and reliable collaboration with the IDE faculty. This way we can organize big events inside, such as the IDE Business Fair and IO Festival, in which thousands of people participate.

For more close or direct interaction with students we frequently organize smaller events. Our own bar ‘ID Kafee’ weekly attracts hundreds of people. Just like events like the freshmen weekend. Even more specific events like lectures, workshops and Flightcase address selected groups for a dozen of students.

As you can see we can address all kinds of target groups in between tens and thousands of people depending on your wishes.

General year overview


not directly applicable on every year, just an indication

We can also find out deadlines and low-intensity periods from students from specific educational curricula.


There are multiple ways to get in contact with us. After a first encounter, we prefer to schedule a meeting (digital or in person) to discuss the needs and wishes of a company. In this meeting we can ellaborate more about our possibilities using our infobrochure an a lot of examples to tailor a collaboration package specifically for a company.

you can alway go to the IDE faculty and follow the signs to “ID study association”. Everyday from 9 to 17 someone is waiting to answer your questions at our service desk.

You can send an email or call us, through the current commissioner of External Affairs from the board.

email: extern-svid@tudelft.nl

phone: +31 (0) 15 278 3237