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Turn The Page


Turn The Page 21 – 22


Liselot Roijakkers – Chair

Roisin Bonis – Secretary

Julia Sim – Treasurer

Anne Nijdam – Commissioner of Content

Gerben Augustinus Roderick Post– Commissioner of Layout

Georgina Mannion – Text Editor

Tobias Hilberink – Commissioner of External Affairs

Thomas Roeland Jansen – Commissioner of Publicity

Annabel Jonkman – Editor in Chief


Turn the Page is Study association ID’s magazine for Industrial Design Engineering. The English full colour magazine is a collection of interviews, design news, deeper articles and inspirational articles about the field of industrial design and about the study association. The Turn the Page is published three times a year, varying of 2500 copies till around 8000 copies. Two editions are sent to all subscribers and members of Study association ID, and one edition is also sent to alumni of the Industrial Design Engineering degree. Everyone can sign up to get a subscription to the Turn the Page for €9,50 a year. If you are interested in a subscription, please send an email to svid@tudelft.nl.

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Recruitment: Q1
Duration: Q2-Q1
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