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svid@tudelft.nl 015‑2783012

Strategic partnerships & promotion
extern-svid@tudelft.nl  /  015‑2783237

penningmeester-svid@tudelft.nl / 015‑2781632

bachelor-svid@tudelft.nl  / 015-2781633

master-svid@tudelft.nl / 015-2783198

Events & publicity
evenementen-svid@tudelft.nl / publiciteit-svid@tudelft.nl / 015-2783067

ID Kafee

Landbergstraat 15
2628 CE Delft
The Netherlands

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Portrait photo of Rick van Poelje

Rick van Poelje


Portrait photo of Saskia van Rossum

Saskia van Rossum


Portrait photo of Matts Leunisse

Matts Leunisse


Portrait photo of Dario Tomasi

Dario Tomasi

Commissioner of Bachelor Education

Portrait photo of Eline Rosenthal

Eline Rosenthal

Commissioner of Master Education

Portrait photo of Matthijs Haksteen

Matthijs Haksteen

Commissioner of External Affairs

Portrait photo of Isa Meijering

Isa Meijering

Commissioner of Events

Portrait photo of Luuk Bongaards

Luuk Bongaards

Commissioner of Publicity


How do I end my membership?

If you want to leave us and end your membership, please send an e-mail to our secretary with your studentnumber! Please note you should do this before the 30th of June.

How can I become an ID member?

If you want to become a member, please come by the ID counter! Or look at ‘Members’.

Where do I send feedback about education?

If you have any feedback on education at IDE, be sure to check out the education page. You can send an e-mail (bachelor/master) with any questions as well.

Can I add a vacancy to your website?

If you’d like your vacancy to be on our vacancy page, send our commissioner of external affairs an e-mail, if you prefer to call (015‑2783237), that’s fine as well.

I have another question.

If you have any other questions, mailing, calling or visiting the ID counter are all good methods!

Anonymous feedback

What is the feedback about?
What is your relation to the study association?

Are you looking to submit feedback about the education of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering? Check our education page.