Study association i.d

Our committees


A ski and snowboard trip with around 60 members of the study association.


FlightCase is a three-week trip for master students, where they solve cases at companies outside of Europe.


Summercue is the yearly game event at the square in front of the faculty of IDE.

Spring Trip

Spring Trip is the annual study trip to a city (or a few cities) in Europe for 30 third year bachelor and master students


EXid is is a multi-day trip to a city in Europe for first and second year bachelor students.

IO Festival

IO Festival is the biggest annual music festival in the Netherlands organised by students.


PR-i.d is the committee responsible for the branding, publicity and websites of i.d-Activities.


The i.d-Kafee committee makes sure you can get beer and other beverages every Wednesday at the faculty of IDE.

Freshmen Weekend

The freshmen weekend is organised by Study association i.d for all prospective first year’s students at the IDE faculty.


Report-i.d reports all i.d-Activities on their blog and in the yearbook.

Turn The Page

Turn the Page is a full colour magazine about IDE with a collection of interviews, design news, deeper and inspirational articles.


The Foto committee captures all events of Study association i.d in images.


The Vidio committee captures all events of Study association i.d in moving images.


The FSR, OKIO and OD work together to collect feedback and improve education.

Freshmen Committee

The freshmen committee is a committee existing of six enthousiastic first year’s students who organise parties, company visits and more.

IDE Business Fair

The IDE Business Fair (IOB) is the annual business fair for industrial designers in The Netherlands.

Cases on Tour

Cases on Tour is a four day business trip to solve cases at four different companies in the Benelux and Belgium.


Actid organises smaller activities like workshops, lectures, excursions, trips and social activities.