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Flight Case


Flight Case 21 – 22


Joost van Baar – Chair

Douwe Hardon – Secretary

Vignesh Balakrishan – Treasurer

Alina Wundsam – Commissioner of Acquisition

Betsie Loeffen – Commissioner Program

Laura van der Linden – Commissioner Program

Bhavika Dhar – Commissioner of Publicity

Robin Smits – Qualitate Qua


Every year, ID organizes a study trip outside Europe for master students. A group of 28 master students, supervised by 2 professors, collaborates with international and local companies. First, an extensive research on the cases is done in the Netherlands in two electives of 3 ECTS in the fourth quarter of the study year (April to July). Then, all students go on a trip of three weeks in July to one or multiple cities where the companies are headquartered. The students will present their research report and work on the cases at the companies on location. This all is supervised and organised by the 7 committee members and 1 board member of the study association.
In the last years, Flight Case (previously called Research Project) has been in Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, and China (Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing).

Recruitment: Q4
Duration: Q1-Q1
How tough: