Welcome to the Education page of our website! Here you’ll find Education updates, the orange feedback notes, upcoming events and much more! Feel free to look around <3

What is happening in education?

Input week!

Education, News | December 6, 2023

This week is input week! A week where ID Education gather feedback. Come by in the faculty hall to drink some hot chocolate and give feedback about the education at IDE. How do you feel about the master renewal? Is the coaching system working? How do you feel in the IDE community? You can put… Read on

The orange feedback notes are back!!

Education, News | October 4, 2023

Did you spot that the orange feedback notes and mailbox in the hall are back? The mailbox and feedback notes are situated on the ID pillar in the main hall of the faculty. Come by and share your feedback with us! And don’t worry it can all be done anonymously.

Visibility Week

Education | October 3, 2023

From the 9th until the 13th of October, the newly formed ID Education committee will organize a visibility week. During the week different stunts will be organized to show the importance of your opinion and feedback on education. You can recognize us by the ID Education spencers, feel free to come by and have a… Read on

Orange feedback note

Do you want to stay anonymous?

What will we do with your feedback?

1. Collect your feedback.

2. Sort it and get it to the right person.

3. Update you about the progress.

Who are we?


We are ID Education, the collection of the Faculty Student Council (FSC), the student members of the Board of Studies (OKIO) and both the Commissioners of Education from the board of ID. In order to help students, these parties work together in ID Education as a committee of the study association. ID Education organises quarterly visibility weeks and input lunches, furthermore we organise feedback stunts and the famous Pluim Kafee where teachers and faculty staff are put in the spotlight. we're also there to uphold the quality of the education and to get your feedback to the right person.