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Laptopstands Batch 2

Committees, Education, Gadgets, News | June 15, 2020

StandID – Just in time for your last exams! The final one hundred laptopstands of this year. The procedure is the same as last time. You can order them through and then pick them (including free postID’s and ID fineliners) up at ID-Kafee at your selected time. Make sure you stick to the selected time, so you guys don’t… Read on

Want to join the OKIO?

Committees, Education | June 12, 2020

Survey online education

Education | May 7, 2020

Who are we?

We are ID Education, the collection of the Faculty Student Council (FSC), the student members of the Board of Studies (OKIO) and the student member of the Board of Education (OD). In order to help students get their feedback to the right persons, these parties work together in ID Education as a committee of the study association.