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Input week!

Education, News | December 6, 2023

This week is input week! A week where ID Education gather feedback. Come by in the faculty hall to drink some hot chocolate and give feedback about the education at IDE. How do you feel about the master renewal? Is the coaching system working? How do you feel in the IDE community? You can put… Read on

The orange feedback notes are back!!

Education, News | October 4, 2023

Did you spot that the orange feedback notes and mailbox in the hall are back? The mailbox and feedback notes are situated on the ID pillar in the main hall of the faculty. Come by and share your feedback with us! And don’t worry it can all be done anonymously.

ID’s new long term policy!

News | June 21, 2023

How amazing! The new long term policy for the association is finally here! 🙂 That’s nice! But what is a long term policy? To get all our noses in the same direction, ID creates a long-term policy every five years. This policy serves as a guiding compass for the association and as inspiration for the… Read on

GMA 3 – Update blogpost!

News | February 15, 2022

Hiii dear reader, and welcome to the first new blog post of this year! This blog post is here to give you a bit of background information before going to the General Members Assembly on the 21st of February, and also to update you on what’s going on in ID! I hope that you have… Read on

The project for society – IDE4S

June 22, 2021

During the policy week Isa and I set out to discover our study associations potential to be more involved with today’s topics in society. In this project plan we wanted to facilitate the opportunity for our members to understand their value as a designer in our society while making an impact. Together with 6 enthusiastic… Read on

Not So General Members Assembly – Update Blogpost

April 29, 2021

This time the General Members Assembly will not be an official General Members Assembly. We won’t vote on anything, so we did not want to put you guys through an official GMA. Instead you can read an update of our project plans, our missions and an update of the B5 committees here. If you would… Read on

Best ID update ever! MUST read!

February 8, 2021

Hey you! How cool that you are reading this. Here we have a grand, majestic update for you concerning our project plans and missions. For those wondering what that means: a project plan is a goal that we (Board 48) have come up with this summer at the start of the year. We have five… Read on

Look at you! Hybrid and all.

November 27, 2020

Breathe in.. .. .. breathe out.. .. How are you doing? It’s been 13 weeks of on campus and at home education. We all have had quite the time to adjust to this new way of living and studying. But still it can feel quite overwhelming at times. That’s fine! Talk to someone about it,… Read on

A more inclusive design field

July 1, 2020

During the more visible days of the Black Lives Matter movement a few weeks ago, you may have noticed something in our social media posts: silence. This was not because we do not agree with the movement’s goals and ideals, but because we weren’t sure what to add to the conversation. We were also asking… Read on

Laptopstands Batch 2

Committees, Education, Gadgets, News | June 15, 2020

StandID – Just in time for your last exams! The final one hundred laptopstands of this year. The procedure is the same as last time. You can order them through bit.ly/order-stand and then pick them (including free postID’s and ID fineliners) up at ID-Kafee at your selected time. Make sure you stick to the selected time, so you guys don’t… Read on


Education, News | April 19, 2020

| MoTiv life-coaching and personal support | For talks and chats about family, motivation, discipline, anxieties, stress and living together in student houses. Everything concerning student life and mutual support. Contact MoTiv for questions, remarks, advises (given and taken) and if you want to be a study buddy for other students. Phone 015 2006060 (daily… Read on

Update coronavirus

Committees, News | March 13, 2020

As ID study association, we need to inform you with a heavy heart that we cancelled the IDE Business Fair 2020 (18th and 19th of March). This due to the information given by the government and RIVM on 12th of March 2020 concerning the coronavirus. In the given press conference, they highly recommend to cancel… Read on


News | March 3, 2020

An outbreak of the new coronavirus started December 2019 in the region Wuhan in China. The virus is able to cause the disease COVID-19. Meanwhile, the new virus spreaded all over the world. As well as in the Netherlands. Do you want to now more about the virus and how to protect yourself and other?… Read on

Verslag ID Karakter

May 22, 2018

Hieronder kan je het verslag van het ID Karakter downloaden. Dit mannetje is een korte samenvatting van onze bevindingen: Verslag_ID Karakter

Yearsweater 2017-2018

News | February 26, 2018

Wil je nog wél een trui maar was je er te laat bij? Schrijf je in via de volgende link en wees de eerste met een jaartrui bij de tweede druk! Geef je hier op voor de tweede druk! (je inschrijven voor een trui kan tot vrijdag 2 maart)

Projectplan 5.1: Studievereniging i.d herzien als een merk

News | December 18, 2017

Inhoudsopgave Inleiding Onderzoek Het huidige karakter van Studievereniging i.d Communicatiekanalen Gewicht van de bekendheid Inputavond Wat nu? 1. Inleiding Dit verslag werd geschreven door Eva, Laura en Fay – de verantwoordelijken voor projectplan 5.1 – om duidelijk te maken wat het huidige karakter is van Studievereniging i.d en wat het gewicht is van de bekendheid… Read on

A new i.d-Website

News | June 20, 2017

Today we’d like to present to you the new i.d-Website. We’ve rebuilt the entire website from the ground up, rethinking page structure to minor details like icon positioning. Most important features of the old i.d-Website have already been implemented in the new website. Events, news as well as informational pages (like education, our about page and… Read on