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Wacom Tablets

Gadgets | June 26, 2020

Normally you should visit the desk at ID to buy yourself a wacom tablet. This is not yet possible, so we created a possibility to buy one online with the same discount. When you fill in the form you can select the tablet you want and fill in your personal information. We will send you… Read on

Laptopstands Batch 2

Committees, Education, Gadgets, News | June 15, 2020

StandID – Just in time for your last exams! The final one hundred laptopstands of this year. The procedure is the same as last time. You can order them through bit.ly/order-stand and then pick them (including free postID’s and ID fineliners) up at ID-Kafee at your selected time. Make sure you stick to the selected time, so you guys don’t… Read on

Delft Design Guide

Gadgets | February 20, 2020

[disclaimer | code expired] The Delft Design Guides were sold for 10 euros at ID however we are sold out! Don’t be sad, you can use the discount code DELFTDESIGNGUIDE on the website https://www.bispublishers.com/delft-design-guide-revised.html to get 20% off. Still a good deal! Enjoy the book! We are sorry to announce but the code is expired…. Read on