A new i.d-Website

News | June 20, 2017

Today we’d like to present to you the new i.d-Website. We’ve rebuilt the entire website from the ground up, rethinking page structure to minor details like icon positioning.

Most important features of the old i.d-Website have already been implemented in the new website. Events, news as well as informational pages (like education, our about page and contact) are finished and ready to be enjoyed. If you’re looking for General Member Assembly documents, the “smoelenboek”, or if you want to read the full Turn The Page you can do so at the old i.d-Website (after logging in). As you may have noticed, we’ve switched our primary language to English. We have a few big improvements, including a language switcher, set to be released in the coming months, you’ll hear about them as soon as they arrive.

Ps. if you have any feedback, send us an e-mail (if it’s a bug be sure to tell us what device and browser you’re using) or come tell us at the i.d-Counter.


You can now log in on the new i.d-Website! This means you can now change your contact info in our database, read the full Turn The Page and download file attachments after you’ve created an account. Documents (like the board policy) will be listed on the event page they’re associated with. As a cherry on top, the new website is now available in two languages (English as well as Dutch).