ID’s new long term policy!

News | June 21, 2023

How amazing! The new long term policy for the association is finally here! 🙂


That’s nice! But what is a long term policy?

To get all our noses in the same direction, ID creates a long-term policy every five years. This policy serves as a guiding compass for the association and as inspiration for the annual plans made by the board, committees, and groups.

What does such a policy look like?

To make sure this long-term policy will guide and inspire boards and members the coming five years, we developed the policy as a series of questions that can be asked repeatedly. There are five main questions, that each have a set of subquestions.

The policy consists of:

How can I use this policy?

The questions are meant make you think, reflect and to set something in motion. You certainly don’t need to work on all of them at once. Just pick the ones that you find inciting and have a fruitful conversation, committee evening or policy week!

The card sets will be available at the desks of the board members, so you can ask one of them to borrow a set. If you are a committee member, your QQ will probably already have bugged you with this. If they haven’t, please do ask them as otherwise they will get billenkoek from the long term policy team.

We hope the long term policy will guide you and that it will be fun doing so!

Kusjes, the LTBabes!!!