Look at you! Hybrid and all.

November 27, 2020

Breathe in.. .. .. breathe out.. .. How are you doing?

It’s been 13 weeks of on campus and at home education. We all have had quite the time to adjust to this new way of living and studying. But still it can feel quite overwhelming at times. That’s fine! Talk to someone about it, keep finding ways that work for you. Because you are doing amazing.

The first couple of weeks of on campus education was all about finding your groove. Can I go to the toilet? Can I get coffee or a snack? Question we all didn’t know we were gonna be faced with since highschool. Yet, here we are. Two days a week with complete different surroundings other than your bedroom. Refreshing isn’t it?

More than ever we feel the importance of working together in studio’s. And yet we have found many positives in this online education environment. Other than wearing pyjama pants ofcourse. We designers are getting better and better at portraying our ideas and presenting ourselves to coaches or potential clients.

At ID this has been our target since the day we knew we would become the 48th board of our study association. We were faced with the biggest design case we’ve had in our life. How do you connect students in times where being social in person is not self-evident?

We are open. Open for our members to get tea, open to your ideas, open to have a small break on the couches. We are open, you are welcome.

Groetjes, Khalid