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IO Festival


IO Festival 42



Meike Combé – Chair

Myrthe Moes – Secretary & Commissioner of Acquisition

Kjell Zijm – Treasurer

Puk van Dijk – Commissioner of Bands and Acts

Victor Keunen – Commissioner of Bands and Acts

Maaike Roosendaal – Commissioner of Technical decorations

Elif Keskin – Commissioner of Technical decorations

Aniek Martens – Commissioner of Publicity

Isa Meijering – Qualitate Qua

Dario Tomasi – Qualitate Qua


With 2000 visitors, IO Festival (IOF) is the biggest, by students organized, annual music festival in the Europe. Every year, a committee of 10 students creates a spectacular festival at the IDE faculty together with all other supporting committees. This year the festival takes place from 15:00 until 23:00 on the 25th of May. During the event different kinds of music are performed: from indie rock bands to DJ’s and other acts. The festival will host three different stages where music is being performed and drinks are being served. Enjoy the music and vibes at the Aula and Mekelpark on the 25th.
See the website for more information: www.iofestival.com

Recruitment: Q1
Duration: Q1-Q4
How tough: