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Summercue 23 – 24???


Hugo Piet – Chair

Pauline de Haas – Secretary

Julie Schotman – Treasurer and Commissioner of Catering

Neda Bron – Commissioner of Games

Jorrit Vulgers – Commissioner of Publicity

Matts Leunisse – Qualitate Qua


Summercue is the yearly event at the square in front of the faculty of IDE. You can register with a team of students, staff or teachers before the event. Different teams battle on the assault course (‘stormbaan’), at the relay race (‘estafette’) and other mainly playful challenges!  There is another theme every year, but it is even more important what your team mates looks like! Does your team win the originality award? Of course, the tradition is that Summercue ends with a barbecue and drinks! Get your friends together, let them know it’s Summercue, and battle against other students, or even your teachers or staff!

Recruitment: Q3
Duration: Q3-Q4
How tough: