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Technical Support Committee (TOC)


Mick Sikkens – Voorzitter
Yoran Zonneveld – Secretaris
Dion Dumoulin – Penning
Cin Yie Chang
– Commissaris Publiciteit
Jeppe de Jager – Commissaris IOF
Lidewij Muurling – Commissaris IOF
Veronique Serné – Commissaris Extern
Marijn Driesen – QQ

Wouter van Dam – Halve KIP
Isabel Mens – Halve KIP
Merlijn Hoek van Dijke – Halve KIP

All events of Study association ID should be provided with proper light, sound and other technical support.
This is what the TOC is for. The committee exists out of students that are passionate about (LED-)pars, trusses, DMX, yokes and more. The committee makes light and sound plans all year long to prepare professional shows at Kafeest, Freshmen weekend, and IO Festival as the highlight of the committee.

Recruitment: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
Duration: as long as you like (often minimum of 1 year)
How tough: