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ID Education


ID Education 2023 – 2024


Sukriti Garg – Chair FSC

Inés Bernal – Secretary

Matt Boruc – Treasurer

Laetitia Alamel – Commissioner of Bsc

Faye de Groot – Commissioner of Msc

Myrthe Moes – Commissioner of Facilities

Liza Oomens – Commissioner of Publicity

Gül Onat – OKIO DFI representative

Jochem Lauret – OKIO IPD representative

Nikita Arora – OKIO SPD representative

Rosalie Muller – OKIO BSc representative

Dario Tomasi – Qualitate Qua

Eline Rosenthal – Qualitate Qua


ID Education is a committee of thirteen members with two main tasks. First, the committee is a discussion group of pro-active students from different positions in education at the faculty. They keep each other up-to-date of current affairs regarding education and form one voice towards the faculty. Via this committee all subjects can be targeted efficiently and action can be taken appropriately. Secondly, ID Education is a committee at ID, just like any other, which organizes activities and takes action on its own initiative. ID Education consists of four bodies of the faculty of which two are the FSC and OKIO. The Faculty Student Council (FSC) consists of seven elected students, who represent all IDE students in all kinds of decisions made by the faculty. The OKIO (Board of Studies IO) consists of five student members and five staff members. They give advice to the Board of Education about all matters regarding the quality of the study programme.

Recruitment: Q4
Duration: Q1-Q4
How tough: