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IDE Business Fair


IDE Business Fair 21 – 22


Babette Koppert – Chair

Femke van Dam – Secretary

Jort Huitink – Treasurer

Mick Sikkens – Commissioner of Acquisition

Sophie Thomassen – Commissioner of Interior Management and Design

Jens Roethof – Commissioner of Activities

Emma van Heek– Commissioner of Publicity

Sophie Storm van ‘s Gravesande – Qualitate Qua


The IDE Business Fair (IOB) is the largest yearly organised business fair in the field of industrial design engineering. It is a two day fair in March where around 50 companies show students what they do and who they are looking for (interns, colleagues).

Next to the two fair days, the entire month before the business fair workshops, lectures and cases are organised. The IDE Business Fair still grows every year and offers students and companies the opportunity to see the variety and possibilities in Industrial Design Engineering.

As a company, it is also possible to do speed dates with students during this event, after reviewing their resume and/or portfolios. See the website for more information and follow @idebusinessfair on instagram!

Recruitment: Q4
Duration: Q1-Q3
How tough: