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Turn The Page | June 28, 2023

While I’m writing this final editorial for you, the Sun shows itself a bit more during the day. It is funny to see what it does to people. Everyone is transformed into a little sunflower, following the sun with their face. It is like they are charging again, getting ready for the next challenge. I get it, not to be dramatic or anything, but sitting in the sun for thirty minutes can make me feel like I can take on the world again. It calms me down. There is a saying that goes ‘Every cloud had a silver lining’, which means no matter how bad a situation might seem, there is always a good aspect about it. I like to keep this in mind, it makes heavy situations seem a bit lighter. I mean, the glass is half full right?  

While the last issue was about the dark, this one will be all about light. Sietje already talked about our amazing square. Well, we had a talk with the designers of it! And guess what, our square has a much bigger meaning for the entire campus than you think. And that is not all, do you remember KAPLA? Those tiny wooden planks that you used to build bridges and towers when you were small? We had the chance to speak to the big man behind the small planks, you can read about him on page … .  

For this issue, we also … students. This issue’s Podium shows the beautiful artwork of … and you can read about the sustainable festival Festable or the creative workspace Oma Collective, created by three bachelor students. Feel like treating yourself to a nice gift? Head over to our Summer Guide, which shows different products made by IDE students. 

So, find yourself a nice spot in the sun, lay down a blanket or sit back in a chair (one that you will not come out of for the next three hours), grab an ice-cold drink and enjoy this Turn The Page. Do not forget to put on some sun screen! And otherwise, as they say in Dutch “Vandaag een tomaatje, morgen een chocolaatje <3”  

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