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Turn The Page | December 3, 2022

You would assume this magazine is just for reading, right? Yeah, that is what we thought too. But after a year of writing, interviewing, brainstorming, and indesigning, we realised that there is much more that you can do! Have you ever actually turned the page before? Well, now you have. You are welcome! 

Still not satisfied? Well… Maybe you could throw the page? Or rip the page? You could even cut the page, stick the page, and glue the page! You could wear the page, throw the page, rip the page, burn the page, flush the page, stimulate the page (whatever that might mean to you), or send the page to space. If you are feeling culinary, you could cook or bake the page, and if you are hungry, maybe try and eat the page. (Please do not eat the page). 

And while Turn the Page feels like our little baby, we hope you use it the way you enjoy most. Even if that means it will be torn to shreds, cut to pieces, or burned to ashes. However, we hope that you will read some of the articles first. Especially if you like chaos, because this edition is all about Disruption! It is filled with thought-provoking topics that go beyond the things you have previously encountered or anything that is disorderly, for that matter. Take the cover story, for example, which introduces you to a digital dystopia filled with stimuli. Or the article called ‘design without borders’, which makes you question your previous conceptions about what humanitarian aid entails. We are even taking you to outer space with an article about the Voyagers. Finally, because we are all about chaos, we could not help but give a little spin to our well-known classics. Have alook at our hutspot-themed hutspot. And the babe? Yeah, it is a dude now… 

Finally, we want to thank all of you (yes, you there!!) for reading our editions of Turn the Page. And whether you decide to destroy the page or read the page, we hope you will all love the page just as much as we did. 

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