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Turn The Page | March 1, 2022

About a year and a half ago, I came to Delft intending to do all the things I had ever dreamt of. I planned on doing crazy sports that I had never played before, organising parties for all my new friends, and experiencing as many things as I could.

But when I got here, I realised that it was not as easy as I imagined. Trying new things can be very scary! 

Nevertheless, I eventually started to flourish. It is hard to pinpoint when, but I just started doing the things I   wanted to experience for so long. I surrounded myself with people who inspired me, which made me realise I am capable of doing many more things than I thought. And now I am here, writing to you, hoping to spark that same thing in you. 

As the new Turn the Page committee, inspiring you is what we plan on doing this year. That is why our theme is ‘Boundless’, we want to show you that everything truly is possible. We are really excited to implement our vision into the upcoming issues and to share our passions. That is why we present this edition: Foreplay. Foreplay is exciting, experimental, and about finding out what you like. We feel that your time as a student also reflects these qualities and that it is the time to blossom and explore. 

Besides the vision change, Turn the Page also underwent some other changes. This year, you will find only three issues of Turn the Page on your doorstep. The first and third will be ‘student exclusives’. That is cool, right? 

In this issue, you will read about habits, how they are formed, and how to make them last. This issue also includes an article about ‘ugly fashion’ and wonders if crocs will be in fashion anytime soon (they better be). Furthermore, we challenge you by presenting matters you might have never encountered in an article about eco-ableism and the role of taboos in society. You are also encouraged to participate as we have included two interactive pages! 

The sky does not have to be a limit. It is time to be boundless. 

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