75 | Milestone

Turn The Page | January 26, 2021

We have all been asked what our most significant achievement is. Often my answer would be something related to reaching a specific goal.

However, when reflecting on that question, for this 75th-anniversary edition of Turn The Page themed Milestone, I wondered what accomplishment or realization influenced my life the most.

Could it be a period of time when I gradually changed perspectives, as told in our coverstory? Or as the article on biodiversity discusses, the moment I decided to consume more environmentally responsible? This edition is filled with explorations of past developments, but also and arguably more important for us as designers, possible outlooks on the road ahead of us.

When it comes to my personal most influential event -and probably also yours- it might just be something less distinct. An achievement I cannot actively recall, and I had little to no influence over, yet influences my life on a daily basis. Take, for example, being the first of millions of sperm cells to successfully fertilize an egg cell. Without that specific DNA combination, my character might as well be very different. Sometimes milestones are those exact moments where you did not have a choice and just had to go with the flow.

Creating different perspectives, ideas and inspiration in the ever-changing field of design is the aim of this year’s Turn The Page committee. We have added the rubrics Not You (?), in which we discuss designing for minorities. Behind the Pages, where we sit down with design professionals. Edge, which re-evaluates the bounders of what is socially acceptable. And We <3 Earth, in which we discover the road towards a sustainable world. I hope you are as excited as we are to explore new points of view by looking at design.

Lastly, we have been working on making Turn The Page more environmentally friendly. Printed with renewably sourced ink on FSC certified paper, this edition is the most sustainable yet.

by Frank van Beek

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