76 | Milkshake

April 28, 2021

When I was fourteen, my brother and I gave my mother a blender for Mother’s Day. I am not sure if it was ever used much. Fortunately, my sense for the right present has evolved over the years.

However, one of the things my mother loved to make, especially on tropical summer days, was milkshakes. My brother and I would be in the backyard when she would come over with long drink glasses filled with a pastel-coloured liquid. As a result of my love for the beverage, she once showed me how to make it. “So, you can make them yourself.” Read: “So, I do not have to make them anymore…” Jokes aside, I love you mom.

The recipe did not prove to be difficult. Yet the thing that stuck with me was the fact that milkshakes are made from a remarkable combination: fruit, vanilla or strawberry ice cream, milk and sugar. Put it all together and it creates something wonderful. Similarly, our senses individually are exceptional instruments. Merged they shape the way we interact with our surroundings. This issue of Turn The Page, themed “Milkshake”, explores those senses and how designers and other professionals try to trigger them.

Take for example the story of Simon Dogger, as described in Not You, about design for the visually impaired. Or the Coverstory, “The Art of Exhibition”, which explores the design process of museum exhibitions with a surprisingly restricting twist. Additionally, one of our features will teach you how to buy good wine. Let’s be honest, who does not like good wine? We have had the privilege to talk to and work with many inspirational people for this edition and are excited to share their ideas, illustrations, designs and more. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their openness and passion. Now, it is time to let your senses be amazed. Let us dive in.

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