78 | Make It Stick

November 9, 2021

You know that bittersweet feeling at the end of a trip? I always feel sad to leave behind the place where I just made so many nice memories. There was still so much left to do and see, I could have easily enjoyed myself for another week.

 On the other hand, there is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home and getting to sleep in my own bed again. 

What has me feeling bittersweet as well, is that this is our last issue before the new committee takes over. It feels weird to put down this project that we were always working on during the past year. It allowed us to learn so much in so many ways. 

The theme of the 78th edition of Turn The Page is Make It Stick. In our Coverstory, innovation expert Deborah Nas explains how to make innovation stick. We interviewed artist and designer Streetartfrankey who tells all about creating memorable designs. Our ID Expo makes you think about impact that lasts. Besides, you might even spot some post-it notes throughout this issue, but beware for misleading information… 

Unfortunately, we do not stick around forever, and it is time for us to say our goodbyes. Hopefully some of our articles stuck with you and brought your Mind in Movement. We are sad to leave behind the Turn The Page committee, however, we are excited to become Turn The Page readers once again! We look forward to see what the new committee comes up with and wish them good luck.  

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