82 | Dark

Turn The Page | June 28, 2023

Every evening, when Light goes to sleep and Darkness wakes up, I find myself looking for new sources of Light. A candle, my bedside lamp or opening the curtains so the dim light of the street lanterns fills the room. Why am I looking for this? Maybe because Light can be warm. It can be safe and comfortable. Darkness, on the other hand, can be chilling. It can be evil and scary. However, darkness can also be mysterious and exciting. It can truly feel beautiful. Now that the winter months are coming to an end, we leave behind the long nights that come with them. Even though I am excited to have longer days and shorter nights, this Turn The Page will be a last homage to darkness.

Our cover story will shine a light (haha) on what it is like being in the dark as a designer, not always knowing where the path you are taking right now is leading you. We had a conversation with Casper Chorus, the new dean of IDE. What are his views on IDE and its students?

This is just a start! Did you notice this issue is a bit heavier? That is because we will only release two issues this year, but don’t you worry! We will have the same amount of content. We, the new Turn The Page committee (hello!), want to bring a breath of fresh air to the Turn The Page.

One of our main goals is to give a podium to the projects of many IDE talents walking around in the faculty. In this issue you can read about the upcycled hats by TOR and look at the mesmerising photographs made and developed by Jens van Heijningen. More curious about an alumni? We got you, we also talked with Anne Arzberger about her graduation project and life after graduating.

Are you ready to dive in this first issue with us? Sometimes looking for answers can only lead to more questions, but if you find yourself lost in the dark, maybe turn on a light and everything
will be okay.

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