Visual Contracts is looking for a

Student assistant for Dutch Legal Design Lab

Delft/The Hague/Rotterdam 3-6 months Job

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Visual Contracts got a The Hague subsidy granted together with LISI, We Are Stewards, TU Delft and Erasmus School of Law for the project ‘Enabling design driven impact deals’ and establishing the Dutch Legal Design Lab at IDE TU Delft.

Background of the subsidy project

The goal of this project is to improve the impact termsheet that LISI created further and integrating it into the software that Visual Contracts is building, together with ‘steward ownership’ options. A termsheet is the summary document that investors send to startups when they want to offer an investment deal and is used to negotiate the terms. Now since impact startups are on the rise, next to steward ownership, LISI created the impact termsheet to fill in the gap of investment documentation for these new developments.

The second part of the subsidy project is to further establish the Dutch Legal Design Lab at Delft University, to further enhance the legal design thinking developments to create access to law and access to justice. The collaboration between lawyers and designers are essential for this and at university level, more and more ‘legal design’, ‘legal tech’ and ‘legal innovation’ courses are started at law faculties across the Netherlands. The goal of the Dutch Legal Design Lab is to increase the cross-disciplinary collaboration between designers and lawyers (or design and law students) to prepare new designers and lawyers to the current developments in the economy.

What is your role as student assistant?

Your role as student assistant will be to support the founder of Visual Contracts – Lieke Beelen, who is leading this project, next to Professor Frido Smulders and professors/assistants at Erasmus School of Law in executing and organizing the project:

Where will you work?

A large part of the work can be done remotely. Though events/co-creation will be organized around TU Delft, Impact City The Hague and Erasmus School of Law.

Who should apply?

Apply directly