ActID | Secret Santa + Sinterkerst&nieuwdrinks

December 9th, 2020, 18:00 – 19:30
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Link to the Sinterkerst&nieuwdrinks!

Hi! Feeling christmassy? Become a Secret Santa!

Santa is coming to town this year! Unfortunately he doesn’t have time to prepare all gifts because of quarantine, so this is your task! Make a present or a gift-packet of approximately €5 with a sweet/funny/thoughtful (secret) message for someone else and hand this in at ID Kafee before Tuesday december 8th (Monday december 7th is the last day to hand it in). Make sure to send a picture of your present to 0633176093. To participate you will have to live in Delft, as Santa otherwise won’t be able to deliver the presents on time.

On Tuesday december 8th or Wednesday december 9th Santa will deliver your present from another IDE student at your doorstep!

On the evening of Wednesday december 9th there will also be a fun online Sinterkerstennieuw drink to catch up with the other IDE students! Sign up here to join us in a fun evening activity from 18.00 – 19.30. We will also unwrap our gifts together.

You can take part in either one or both of the activities (Secret Santa and/or Sinterkerstennieuw drink).

In case you can’t come to the faculty to hand in your present, send a message to 0633176093 to see whether we can come and pick up your present at home!

Happy holidays! xoxo ActID CATCH


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