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This template is meant for (teaching) staff of the IDE faculty that are looking for students for a Teaching Assistant (TA) position to help with their course.

Since this is a new concept for the faculty and ID study association, it will be handled as a pilot. We recommend continuing your standard search for TA’s since we cannot guarantee the success of this pilot.

After one of the boardmembers of ID study association receives the information stated below, the vacancy will be put on svid.nl/career/vacancies/. With this website the study association will only be responsible for the facilitation of the central platform for finding TA’s.

Students that are interested will contact you directly on the e-mail address send to ID. You are then responsible for the contact between the students and the course and for eventually finding the right students for the TA position.

Students will be asked to respond on this ‘vacancy’ with sending an e-mail to the course/course coordinator containing the following information:

If you are interested in placing a vacancy please send an e-mail to ideducation-svid@tudelft.nl containing the above information.

Apply directly