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Joint Masters Project: Create an Immersive Puzzle Box Adventure

12 weeks

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Joint Masters Project: Create an Immersive Puzzle Box Adventure

Sherlocked is one of the leading brands in the escape room industry. We’re inviting one JMP team to create a new kind of adventure with us.

The past few years, board games have experienced a massive renaissance. As a part of this renaissance, a new category of tabletop games has emerged, driven in part by the popularity of escape rooms: narrative puzzle adventures.

Your challenge:

Develop a beautiful and original at-home narrative puzzle adventure in the story realm of Sherlocked’s live adventure The Alchemist.



One of the reasons we want to hit the ground running with you in September, is because it makes it possible to actually have a tested game in November. That in turn, makes it possible to develop and launch a well- researched Kickstarter campaign together with our marketeer before the end of the year. This may sound ambitious, or even daunting, but this won’t be our first rodeo (we’ve had 4 different successful crowdfunding campaigns) and we want to offer as much support as you need. The reason why we find the Kickstarter goal important is that:

  1. A) it will show the market interest (or disinterest) for what you have created directly, and
  2. B) it will give you valuable experience as a creative entrepreneur

In the different crowdfunding campaigns we’ve completed, one book has been particularly helpful: Het Grote Crowdfunding Boek, written by our mentors Simon Douw and Gijsbert Koren. We’ll provide a copy of this book to the SPD student(s) on the team, as the crowdfunding campaign is likely to be most up their alley.

Support Team

Our entire team will be at your disposal to the degree that you wish. These are the team members we expect might be of use to your project:


For more information, have a look at the briefing package we compiled for this JMP, at www.sherlocked.nl/jmpbrief


Victor van Doorn

Mystery Maker


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