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CloudCuddle is a start-up initiated at the University of Delft. The product, also called CloudCuddle is
made for families with a mentally or/and physically disabled child. The product offers safety and
security for children at risk of falling, getting out of bed or hurting themselves. Next to that it is easy
to travel with. A lot of families have a safe and secure bed at home, but it is not possible for them to
travel with this bed, prohibiting them from ever spending the night somewhere else. The
CloudCuddle is designed in such a way it is inflatable, so it only weighs 3 kilograms and can be set up
in 5 minutes.

Assignment description
The next step for the company CloudCuddle is to develop a version of the product for elderly homes,
the CloudCuddle Senior. The current product for children is not suitable for this target group. This
design has to be modified to be suitable for the needs of the elderly and their caregivers. The new
design needs to fit the beds in elderly homes and have a construction that can withstand the weight
of an adult.
In a previous Internship the base for the design of the CloudCuddle Senior was made with the
objective of optimizing usability. Now we are looking for an intern that can pick up the project and
take it to the next level.

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