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Graduate intern DfI

Leiden, the Netherlands

Doctors are experiencing the high level of registration in the EMR as a burden. This is due to the information intensive nature of care on the one hand and the need for registration for various indicators, for example, by governments, health insurers on the other. At the same time, there is a high workload due to the limited time available to the healthcare provider per patient. From the perspective of the patient, the same registration load is annoying because the doctor is not paying attention to him or her but occupied by a computer. So, the patient does not get enough attention and above that the registration is insufficient and time consuming.
We are looking for innovative solutions or concepts that can help reduce the registration load for the doctor.

For example:
– What role can new speech recognition technology (and speech to text conversion ) play in this?
– How does deeplearning fit in?
– What current or near future user interface developments are relevant to help the doctor?
– Combinations of, for example, the above technologies

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