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ID study association

Study association connected to IDE Faculty

You are now on the brand new partner page of our website. Here we will shortly present trusfull companies that collaborate with ID study association.
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ID study association’s website


Guidelines partner company block

You can present your company to our students. Let them know about your experiences collaborating with ID, what your goal as a company is. Some examples about how you relate to design or some of your products can also be great for students to read!

Example’s website

CLS Healthcare

E-commerce targeting intimacy and sexual health

The goal of CLS Healthcare is to contribute to the health and mental well-being of consumers with products and services. They focus on products and services in areas involving intimacy and sexual health. ID collaborates with CLS since 2015, regarding IO Festival and more recently the IDE Business Fair.

CLS Healthcare’s website


Boiling water tap design

At Quooker we work every day on our dream to make the boiling water tap a worldwide kitchen essential. We do this by constantly improving the current product portfolio and by developing new innovative products.

We have a long term partnership with ID in various ways like the IDE Business Fair, Cases on Tour, Company visits and a sponsored Quooker in ID Kafee.

Quooker’s website

Public cinema

Visual design agency

Public Cinema is hét creatieve bureau voor maatschappelijke impact. Met ons 20-koppige team opereren we op het snijvlak van communicatie, consultancy, design en visualisatie. Dat doen we voor >100 organisaties in de publieke sector. Al 11 studenten van IO liepen stage bij ons. Kom jij ook stage lopen?

Public cinema’s website

GroenLeven zonne-energie

Market leader solar energy in the Netherlands

Together with governments, network operators, companies, education and innovative
entrepreneurs GroenLeven creates solar energy on rooftops, greenhouses, parking lots, landfill,
industrial areas and water.
ID collaborates with GroenLeven since 2019, regarding several case studies and the IDE Business Fair.

GroenLeven zonne-energie’s website