Lustrum X

This year the study association celebrates its 50th birthday, the 10th Lustrum. We want to emphasise how diverse but still connected we are. We want to surprise you guys with unbelievable activities. And last we want to enable you to make this lustrum year yours.

To bring this to life, we will organise various activities throughout the year. Check out the dates down below and put it in your agenda. You can find updates on social media and on the website. Feel free to come talk to us in the hallways if you have any questions or input.

We look forward to seeing you at our activities, be present!

Lust&Rum Rally

22 April 2023 – 10:00-00:00

Are you rally! The Lust&Rum Rally is an epic road adventure in which you will compete against other teams to be the best and first to finish. Along the way you’ll  have to compete in mini game’s at the pitstops and during the drive you’ll be met with the best puzzle book you have ever seen. We also got an awesome finish destination that will make you put the pedal to the metal.

On the 22nd of April we will start in Delft with teams of 4 people. The final cost per team will be €59 which consists of car + 4 people. After our final destination with a fancy diner included, we will return to Delft for a Kiss+Ride Afterparty. Bring your own car, bonuspoints if it’s electric.

Be present and shift into high gear!


Lustrum Gala

Thanks for the amazing Gala at ‘de Pier’.

Stay tuned for photos, videos and prize winners soon!


And more throughout the year

Lustrum Photos

Lustrum week 1 – Strandbeest Lecture

Lustrum Week 1 - Strandbeesten Lecture by Theo Jansen \\ November 24th 2022

Lustrum openings day

Lustrum Opening // October 5th 2022

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Interested in a collaboration or do you have any questions?

Please send an E-mail to lustrum-svid@tudelft.nl .