Twocanto | Biercantus

June 3rd, 2022, 19:00 – 21:00
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Hey you!

Do you like beer, music and dancing on the table? Sign up for this event! Twocanto is a so-called bier cantus. During this event 300 ID’ers will have the opportunity to sing, laugh and get soaked in beer. Sounds kind of good right? If you are curious to how this will look, check out the ID Flickr and search for IDemelvaart 3 years ago! That should give an idea.

Some of you notice trouble when purchasing a ticket. The website might say that something went wrong even though the ticketprice is deducted from your bank account. If this happens, don’t worry. Most of the time your order still came through. If you want more certainty, you can always send an email to me: b.dekkers@student.tudelft.nl

See you there!

Tickets: €15.59

The event has ended, so you can’t buy tickets anymore.