Space Kafeest | Neem Ruimte

December 11th, 2019, 21:00 – December 12th
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Bleep. The 11th of december shall be a very spacial evening: with all the planets aligned, an event that only happens once every 48 years, the cosmos will erupt into chaos. So spacesuit up, hide your kids, hide your cows and come dance to the neptunes underneath the starry sky of ID Kafee.

Our sattelite picked up a signal, we tried to decode it for you sapiens:

– Invasion starts 21:00 and stops 02:00
– If you picked up a wristband last week in ID, you will have guarenteed access till 22:00
– doors close at 23:00
– we are pin only, cash will not harm
– bring your ID

Our soundtrack tonight will be hosted by 3 talented masters of the wheels of steel:

– Appa$Momo
– Buurtje’s Bob
– Nozem

Wear something spacial! xoxo ID Kafee 48