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January 18th, 2021 – February 5th
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Assigment #2: Render a Vehicle Steering Wheel!

The first render assignment of a Kitchen Toaster rendered pretty interesting results with some great outcomes. We encourage you to keep up the good work in this second Render assignment in Altair Inspire Render.

The second assignment is to render a vehicle steering ‘wheel’. It can be from a car, a boat, a moped, airplane, … Be creative!

We would like you to pay special attention to:


Send in your render before the 5th of February 2021 and have a chance to win a €100 voucher at bol.com.

How to upload your files

Upload your files to Dropbox using the following link !

Make sure to place your two files in a folder containing your name and give your two files the following name:

The winner will be announced on 15th of February on our socials!

You can still sign up!

Click on the following link to sign up for the unrestricted one-year free license for Altair Inspire Render and start rendering soon.

Good luck!


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