February 19th, 2021 – February 21st
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What: Sports&Activities Weekend | When: 19-21 February| Price: TBA
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ID has an amazing trip planned, from the 19th of Febuary till the 21st of February. This trip was planned with great care towards Covid-19 and its restrictions, and is therefore allowed and safe with regards to the measures in place. The trip will be held at Outdoor Valley where you will stay during the weekend. If this is not possible at the time due to government measures, there will be a safe alternative programme full of gezelligheid.

Alongside a maximum of 29 other IDE students you will be enjoining a weekend filled with fun activities like: Mountainbiking on an awesome parcour, canoeing and survival games. It promises to be an amazing weekend full with gezelligheid. To enjoy a relaxing weekend without stress you should enroll as soon as possible. The costs will be determined soon, of course depending on whether we will stay at Outdoor Valley or not.

Press Conference Update: If the trip cannot continue due to COVID-19, a weekend full of gezelligheid will replace it! This will be the 19th of Feburary until the 21th.

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