MoveID | SpeedEnrolment

November 25th, 2020, 17:30 – 17:48 @ ID Kafee
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ID has an amazing trip planned in the TU-Holiday, from the 29th of January till the 7th of February.

Alongside 29 other IDE students you will be enjoining a week filled with fun activities like: Mountainbiking on an awesome parkour, canoeing and survival games. It promises to be an amazing week. To enjoy a relaxing week without stress you should enroll as soon as possible. The costs will be a maximum of 400€ for a week full of fun activities, breakfast, lunch, diner and sleeping accomodation.
We hope to see you at the SpeedEnrolment Livestream on the 25th of November on our Instagram @idstudyassociation at 17:30.

Let’s MoveID!