ID Education Input lunches Q4

May 20th, 2019 – May 24th @ IDE Square
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『 Inputlunches, the picknick edition 』

Enjoy our free picnic on the IDE square and tell us how you feel about your courses!

『 When 』
The inputlunches will be held on 20-24 May during the breaks from 12.45 till 13.45.

『 Where 』
They will take place on the left boob. That is the green hill to your left if you look towards the faculty.

『 What is an inputlunch 』
Because we want to keep improving our own education we have to collect feedback about the courses. When a teacher is grading you unfairly or you’re really happy about the facilities in the PMB, we have to know! Come tell us about all your experiences at IDE, from the professors to the facilities, and do so enjoying a lunch we provide.

『 For who 』

Monday – DfI (DfI RM, RoD, UXAD and ITD)

Tuesday – Bachelor first year (EfD and R&D)

Wednesday – Bachelor second year (PO4 and Integrated Technology)

Wednesday – Bachelor third year (BEP)

Thursday – IPD (S&SD and AED)

Friday – SPD (SPD Media, SPD Research, BPC)