General Members Assembly 2

September 27th, 2021, 00:51 – 00:51
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At ALV 2 (General Members Assembly) a lot of exciting stuff will be presented to you. We will get to hear about the Annual Secretarial Report and we will vote about the budget plans of ID Kafee and IDE Business Fair. Furthermore, a plan to turn ID into a pin only association will be presented as well as a new surprising plan about the ID Bus.
After careful consideration, which you can read about in the document about the bus, Board 47 decided they don’t want to buy a new bus, but instead let the committees rent a bus when it’s needed.  They will however buy a delivery bicycle. On the long term this will be beneficial for the finances of ID, it is a more sustainable approach solution than buying another bus and fit the progressive image of the association. €9000,- will become available which partially vote about later.
Come join us for this nice evening for some very interesting presentations.


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