Designer’s Stories

April 5th, 2018, 12:45 – 13:45 @ IDE Arena
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During the lunch break of Thursday 5th of April you can join the first edition of Designer’s Stories hosted by Study association i.d in the IDE Arena. There will be free lunch and room for 120 guests.

// What is the concept //

We want to bring the stories of existing designers to our faculty and activate IDE students to start working on their own story. A designer’s story defines their competences and how they developed as a designer. This story is something that every student needs to develop in order to understand themselves and enable them to convince future employers of their value. The key points in a story is the answer to the following questions: Who are you, what are your skills and how did you get to the point you are right now?

We are going to organise a series of lectures. In these short lectures we are going to invite alumni variating from starters to experienced/acknowledged/proven experts in our field of study. The guest lecturer will give a short presentation about their work or current job, continued by an interview. During the lecture it is possible to answer questions from the audience. For students at IDE we believe it is also important to ask the guests what they have learned the most from studying at our faculty. This is valuable for the students to realise what this faculty offers. We hope that after a lecture the students in the audience have new insights on what designers do for businesses, what is it you learn at our faculty and are triggered to develop their own story.