Deadline design contest StudentDoet

May 8th, 2023, 00:00 – 14:00 @ Abstwoude Bloeit!
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Would you love to design outdoor seating for the citizens of Delft, so they can enjoy the sunny weather together?

Then keep on reading!

In collaboration with SHS Delft, Stylos and ID, you can sign up for the design competition of flexible seating furniture in the garden of Abstwoude Bloeit! This former nursing home is now transformed to a housing complex where students, seniors, former homeless people and Ukrainian refugees live together as neighbors.

This garden is currently underused due to the absence of a gathering place, meaning that this seating furniture would be welcomed by the residents and could bring them closer together.

This project is part of StudentDoet, a volunteer event that takes place on the 9th of June, organized by SVD and Oras. During this day, the students of Delft will do volunteer work together with the citizens of Delft to show their appreciation for this lovely city. So, if the people of Abstwoude Bloeit! choose your design to be realized, you’ll get to build the design with other student volunteers and finalize the design festively with the residents of Abstwoude Bloeit! during the 9th of June!

Do you feel inspired already and do you have so many questions?
Then wait no longer and read the specifications here!

Sign up here for the design challenge and upload your design!