Cases on Tour 2

May 26th, 2021 – May 28th
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Excited? Curious? But not a lot of time on your hands? You can also sign up for just one (or two) of the case days by clicking here! Please note that you will not receive any ECTs for this. Bachelor students are very welcome!


Want to solve cases for NPO, Visual Contracts and Havas Lemz? Yes you do!


Cases on Tour is going live againOn the 26th, 27th and 28th of May we will take you on an adventure, solving three different cases for three different companies. You are asked to apply your design skills to tackle these problems and to create value for the company. To do so, we have booked some beautiful locations for you to work at, in a safe and creative way. If you are a master student that has not participated in Cases on Tour before, you also receive 2 ECTS!



Of course you don’t have to do that alone. During the days we will provide you with a team. A team consists of 3-4 people, it depends on the case, and is a nice blend between the different masters of IDE. In that way, you will learn from each other and you can get to know new people. 



Cases on Tour functions like a sprint. You will work on a different case every day. In the morning, you get provided with the right information from the company you are working for, and at the end of the day you will shortly present your concept to the client. You will be fully occupied during the three days, so you might have to make some arrangements for your other courses.  

This is what a case day looks like:



Wednesday:  RDM Next ‘De Loft’, Rotterdam

Thursday & Friday: Lijm & Cultuur Delft

Please note that we act strictly to the government and TU Delft guidelines. These locations allow is to keep a safe distance at all times!



This years companies are… *pampampam*: NPO, Visual Contracts and Havas Lemz!


Important to note


Still some questions? 

Reach out to us via e-mail: casesontour-svid@tudelft.nl 


Signup for the full event is closed. If you still want to participate, please send an email to casesontour-svid@tudelft.nl before Monday May 24 20:00!