Annual Sweater Pick Up

June 12th, 2020, 10:30 – 16:00
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Heey everbody,

We (EJC) are proud to present the annual sweater of 2019|2020 ! The sale takes place on the 12th of June in ID Kafee. Due to Covid-19 we have timeslots of 15 minutes to pick up your own annual sweater. The sweaters will cost €13,19 (incl service en transactiekosten) Pin Only! The first batch is sold out but there are still backorders! Fill in the following form for a backorder. More information about this backorder will be announced later.

The one and only annual sweater of 2019|2020

Our apologies for the misunderstanding about the previous link. The backorder link wasn’t up-to-date. This is the correct is shown above.
We will send an email to everyone who has already placed a backorder in the previous link!

Last, the most important question: what is the DESIGN of the annual sweater of EJC 2019|2020 ? Stay tuned via this FB event, the ID Instagram or the website.

Love, EJC