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Master Summer Day


With many of you preparing your arrival at Delft to pursue your Masters’ here at Industrial Design Engineering, and coming from different places, different cultures, we understand the struggles of a new place and how difficult it is to socialise sometimes. To facilitate that, we present to you, the Master Summer Day, a Camping themed Master Introduction Event at IDE on 25th – 26th August, where you will spend a full day doing fun activities with your new colleagues, both Dutch and International. And then enjoy a party extending into the wee hours of the morning and guess what, you will also sleepover at the faculty, like a slumber party. This is followed by a relaxed breakfast next morning and then we bid adieu before you all meet again at the start of the study program.
So, if you are starting this summer or have started in February, 2018, sign-up and enjoy this kick-off moment like never before.